Thinking about accessibility on our web pages

A few days ago I was casually speaking with a co-worker and noticed she was left handed.  I commented on it and she proceeded to tell me how some things are challenging for left-handed people.  For example, most tools, string instruments, computer keyboards and even scissors, to name a few, are designed for right-handed people.  […]

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‘Dawn of the Living Web’ earns top UT System award

Thanks to everyone who was involved this past fall in the production of “Dawn of the Living Web.” The WebLife Communications Change Management Team received the Chancellor’s Excellence in Internal Communications Award for its creative film production, “Dawn of the Living Web,” that promoted awareness, interest and involvement in the university’s new website initiative. The […]

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Your stories, reality = content

Bill Gates said it — “Content is king” — in an essay he wrote nearly 20 years go. In today’s digital world, that statement still holds true. Everyone has stories to tell, including YOU! And, when it comes to the Internet and the development of our new website, we need the stories you’re most proud […]

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