Social Media

Amplifying our story on social media

The university’s website redesign is, of course, the primary focus of the WebLife team, but improving the Health Science Center’s reach on social media has always been part of the plan, too. NewCity, the agency that advised us on the website redesign, also helped our team with some good advice for boosting our presence on […]

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Share and share alike: Facebook’s boost to the new web pages

[with assistance from Cynthia Rodriguez, the HSC’s SEO specialist] Hundreds of people are stumbling upon Our Stories features from the HSC website without even going to the website first. Thank you, Facebook and Twitter. Social sharing of all aspects of the new website, including the Our Stories features and the new dental pages, is something […]

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Students needed for social media focus group

Students: we need your help!  We’re looking for a half-dozen students who are willing to join us for an hour-long discussion this coming Thursday, October 10, from 11:30am to 12:30pm. The topic of the discussion will be social media: how students use social media, and how the University can use social media to support and […]

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