Career stories: A new web presence for the School of Health Professions

Students who choose programs in the School of Health Professions have a laser focus on helping others and building a career in health care. And the new SHP website, which goes live the week of Sept. 14, reflects that passion and focus.

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A sneak peak at the new look and feel of the School of Health Professions website.

Early in our audience-research interviews and studies of search-engine trends on the existing website, we saw that those who want to attend a program in the School of Health Professions go straight to the program information. They don’t need a lot of general information or a big-picture assessment first. In fact, web traffic for some of SHP program pages (the pages about the physical therapy program or occupational therapy, for example) is actually higher than the web traffic on the SHP home page. That’s good information and it told us we needed to make the information about individual programs easy to find and access on the new site.  This approach is not new, and those who are familiar with the School of Dentistry site we launched last summer will recognize the design elements and colors. That’s deliberate, as a big goal of the university’s web redesign effort was to give continuity to our sites to reflect the larger organization to which we all belong.

The new SHP site does have some features unique to the school’s site, however; most notably the career stories we’ve featured throughout the pages.

One of several career stories featured on the new School of Health Professions website.
One of several career stories featured on the new School of Health Professions website.

Each program has at least one student speaking about his or her journey to this chosen profession and a few wise words of advice to prospective students. We know that testimonials and photos of real students and patients have impact on readers to our sites and we’ve worked hard to represent the various types of students who are drawn to our programs.

Stay tuned to this blog for the debut of one of the two recruitment videos produced for the new SHP site and a link to the new site once it goes live on the week of Sept. 14. As always, your thoughts and questions are welcome in the comments section below.




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