New UT Police website debuts

The newest website refresh from the WebLife team has a target audience that’s much broader than the target audiences of our previous website redesign. This site, the new UT Police website, is targeted to everyone.

Some of the features of the new UT Police website
Some of the features of the new UT Police website

The new CTRC site, which launched in early June, primarily targeted patients. The School of Dentistry site, of course, targeted prospective students. And, obviously, the UT Dentistry site was aimed at patients and the School of Dentistry Research site is aimed at students and researchers. The School of Health Professions site, due to launch in another month or so, will also target students. Catch the pattern here? Our sites have so far been created to serve one of the major missions of the university.

But UT Police touches lots of different parts of campus and their web goals include recruiting new officers, delivering critical (and required) crime statistics and helping anyone with a car find a place to park. The audiences, then, are visitors, staff, students, faculty, prospective employees and other law-enforcement officers in Texas. Otherwise known as everyone.

We think we’ve done that job with the new UT Police site, which has many of the same features and forms as the previous site, but in an easier-to-navigate fashion. We were able to refresh the photos and give the site a look that is distinct, but is also in sync with the university’s home page.

The site is live today, and I invite you to click around. You’ll see:

  • Pricing for parking passes
  • Information such as the speed limit on campus and other rules that are handy to know before you find out the hard way
  • A dedicated section for police recruitment
  • Details on services offered by the police to keep you and your valuables safe

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.





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