Surrounding cancer patients with support and answers: The CTRC’s new website

UPDATE: The site is live! Click here to go to the new CTRC home page.

Warm and inviting. Focused on patients. Committed to cutting-edge research and clinical trials.

Those qualities describe what cancer patients and their families find every day at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center. So when the WebLife team started the redesign of the CTRC website last fall, we knew we had to build a website that conveyed all those elements, too.

Cancer Therapy Research Center CTRC website
Home page of the new Cancer Therapy & Research Center website.

The website goes live on June 2. Prospective patients are the primary target audience and some highlights of the new site include:

  • Detailed information on dozens of types of cancer, with specifics on the types of treatments available at the CTRC.
  • Quick access to details on available clinical trials.
  • Information on wellness and support programs, which helps illustrate the CTRC’s commitment to serving the physical and emotional needs of patients and families.

We know that the vast majority of prospective patients will find the CTRC site through an online search, so we put a lot of thought into the pages dedicated to individual cancer types. When you’re facing a serious disease, you want credible information quickly. We’ve made it easy for someone searching for multiple myeloma, breast cancer or any number of cancer types to quickly get to targeted information about that disease.

CTRC website brain tumors in children
Brain tumors in children web page on the new CTRC website.

Because the CTRC is the only cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute in Central and South Texas, the web team had a huge advantage when it came to finding ways to show what sets the CTRC apart from other cancer centers in the region. On the new site, you’ll see what it means to be a cancer center designated by the NCI, with an array of clinical trials information available and details about the cancer research that goes on every day.

From the moment we started working on the CTRC website redesign, it was clear that this is a place where patients and their families are surrounded by support and  experts who have answers to their questions. The new site has expanded profiles of the doctors, researchers and key staff members. We’ve used video to add to the online presence of the providers. The CTRC story is best told by the people who make it what it is.

If you’d like a sneak preview of what you’ll find on the site, have a look at a couple of those videos, like this interview with Dr. Virginia Kaklamani,

Dr. Virginia Kaklamani
Dr. Virginia Kaklamani

leader of the Breast Cancer Program at the CTRC. The videos are short and get to the essence of what each doctor, PA, researcher or staffer brings to the CTRC. Dr. Pamela Otto illustrated this strategy  in her video interview. So did Dr. Anand Karnad.

I invite you to poke around the new CTRC site when it goes live on June 2 and think like a patient. Are you finding answers to questions you might have? Are you learning something new? Did you discover a service or program you didn’t know about previously?

We hope your answer is yes. And while the WebLife team took on the design and build of the site, we couldn’t have made the site as useful and informative as it is without input from the staff at all levels of the CTRC. From tracking down clinic phone numbers to writing about cancer treatments, the CTRC staff gave generously of their time and talents. The site is all the better for it.

We’re proud of the product, which I am careful not to label as the final product. We have other enhancements and information to add. We’ll continue to keep the site updated and fresh. I hope you’ll leave a comment below with your suggestions or feedback.





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