Dawn of the Living Web

Thanks to everyone who joined us Oct. 31 for the #WebLifePremiere event in the Holly Auditorium!

There’s still time to fill out the event survey for a chance to win a $25 Starbucks gift card.  We encourage your feedback on the event, and  your questions and comments about our plans for WebLife — please add your comments below.

For those who want to take another look — or are seeing it for the first time — here is Dawn of the Living Web, the short film written by Natalie Gutierrez of the Office of Communications and produced and directed by Bo Wich and our own Creative Media Services team to introduce the WebLife project to our campus:

And if you’re interested in joining the WebLife project in some capacity, please fill out our Interest Form and we’ll be in touch with you soon!



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6 Responses to “Dawn of the Living Web”

  1. I feel very handcuffed by the CMS software used by the university. I was hired to manage the content for the Department of Orthopaedics and find the Drupal CMS software to be very constraining in how I can present content. I have spoken to other department web content managers and find they use programs such as Dreamweaver. I was led to believe that Drupal would make managing the web site easier. I find it only makes it easy if it’s going to be quite static in content and layout.

  2. Santos, Leonel G

    Thank you for your feedback Jerry! Between September 28th and October 31st, we demoed 7 and did live testing on 3 CMS’s. There were 6 testers on the content publishing side and 6 testers on the backend and development side. After thoroughly testing CMS’s, the two groups of testers submitted their reviews and reached the unanimous decision that Drupal is the most appropriate CMS that meets our needs. We acknowledge that we still have a lot more to learn about Drupal and will strive to improve our use of it. We look forward to learning how to use Drupal more successfully.

  3. Rosenberger, Luke E

    Hi, Rep! No, we did not, but we’ve learned some things through this experience that will help inform our decisions about future expenditures — including those of state funds. In particular, we have learned that:

    1. The talent pool inside our own institution is incredible, and if we appropriately tap into that talent, we don’t have to sacrifice quality to moderate cost. We can keep it “in house” and create an incredible product — and a source of pride.

    2. When trying to explain concepts to a very broad audience — one as broad as our campus community, for example — a smart, appealing, well-produced video can yield far more “bang for the buck” (in communication value and audience impact) than the same amount of money spent on flyers, posters, newsletters, email broadcasts, and other more traditional forms of outreach.

    Thanks for your question!

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