Phish Bowl Blog

The Phish Bowl is a list of recent email messages that have been confirmed as malicious or fraudulent by the Information Security department. If you have received any of the messages listed below as a confirmed phishing email, do not follow the link(s) in the message; simply delete it. Do NOT assume a suspicious email is safe because it is not listed here. When in doubt, forward the email to or contact the IMS Service Desk if you have questions.

If you have already fallen for one of the messages listed below, please contact the IMS Service Desk for further assistance and review Next steps if your account has been compromised.

May 23, 2018: UT Health San Antonio Re-evaluated and Up to Date Records and Information Management and Retention Policy For All Employees

May 15, 2018: Mailbox deactivation request received !

April 30, 2018: RE: System Administrator.

April 25, 2018: IT Service

April 23, 2018: IT Service announcement

April 20, 2018: Information Central.

April 20, 2018: “Help Desk” or “From IT Help Desk Team”

April 12, 2018: From IT Support Desk

April 10, 2018: Microsoft Update

April 6, 2018: RE: IT Service Desk Notification